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Breast lipofilling Tunisia: What is it?

A natural breast augmentation using your own fat.

Advancements in medicine have allowed plastic surgeons to design safer and more practical approaches to breast augmentation. You can now increase your chest using your own fat.

Although traditionally performed using implants, many women can now achieve a significantly larger breast shape using their own body fat, through a procedure called breast lipofilling Tunisia or breast fat transfer.

What is a breast fat transfer?

The concept of breast fat transfer surgery is that your body fat will ultimately be the most natural and optimal implant for achieving a fuller breast. A silicone implant has usually been the first choice for breast augmentation, however, these breast implants can sometimes cause short and long term problems. .

Breast fat transfer is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will remove excess fat from an area of your body and use it to increase the size of your breast. The procedure involves using both breast augmentation and liposuction techniques, as well as the latest breast fat grafting technology to achieve the desired appearance.

Breast Lipofilling Tunisia

Breast size augmentation is generally less than the amount increased using implants and produces results considered more natural and attractive for many women.

Breast lipofilling Tunisia: Who is a good candidate?

Fat grafting is an excellent option for many women, but has some limitations.

Breast Lipofilling Tunisia

Breast lipofilling Tunisia: The procedure

Breast augmentation by autologous fat injection in three stages:

Fat harvesting with liposuction

The surgeon will use liposuction to harvest unwanted fat from adequate fat stores around the body, such as the abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. Fat is drawn through a cannula at a fixed pressure rate to ensure no damage is done to the fat cells. The collected fat is then stored in special containers.

Preparation and purification of fat transfer

Once enough excess fat has been sucked out, it is purified. The removed fat often contains blood vessels, tissue fluids, and oils that must be removed before it can be injected. This reduces the risk of oil cyst formation and ensures that proper fat volume is achieved. The most common forms of fat preparation are centrifugation and fat washing.

Fat injection

Once purified, the fat can be reinjected into the breast. Specially shaped fat injection cannulas are inserted through separate incisions. This ensures that the grease is distributed evenly. The injected fat comes from a donor site on your own body, and thus the breast tissue becomes optimal for graft survival. The fat is injected in small quantities and then distributed evenly.

Breast lipofilling: After the procedure

Recovery time after breast lipofilling

Recovery after breast fat transfer depends on various factors such as the location from which the unwanted fat was harvested, the number of donor sites used, and your ability to heal. Recovery time varies among individuals, but most are able to return to work within a week and expect a full recovery 6 months to 1 year later.

The day of surgery

Breast fat transfer surgery is most often performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home after your procedure.

Days after surgery

You can expect some bruising, swelling, pain, and general discomfort for the first two days after surgery. You will also be given a compression garment to wear until the surgeon tells you to remove it. This will help you recover faster. If your pain is intolerable, the surgeon will prescribe medication for your comfort.

Breast lipofilling price Tunisia: All-inclusive stay

The price of breast lipofilling in Tunisia varies depending on the quantity of fat removed and the quality of the skin. Other parts of the body can undergo liposuction if the patient desires. Thus, after an initial consultation with the surgeon, you will receive a detailed quote.

Breast lipofillingFrom 2000€
Stay 5 nights / 6 days

Breast lipofilling in summary

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of the intervention: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Recovery: 10 to 15 days
  • Final result: 3 months

Save up to 60%

The quote you receive will be all-inclusive, there will be no hidden costs other than your personal expenses...

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