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Teeth whitening in Turkey: Why?

A change in color of yellow spots in the deeper layers of tooth enamel. The yellow appearance of teeth is linked to aging, the use of cigarettes, tea, coffee, red wine.

Teeth whitening Turkey: For whom?

Anyone over the age of 14 can benefit from the treatment. Specifically, people who have discolored teeth and healthy gums. The process is particularly beneficial following orthodontic treatment, after removal of the dental appliance. It is also very effective for removing stains from veneers, bridges or crowns. Whitening poses no danger to tooth health.

Teeth whitening: Forbidden people

Children under 14 years old. People with teeth with tetracycline stains (gray/brown bands on the teeth). The treatment for this problem is covering with white porcelain veneers.

People with teeth who have large fillings/fillings on visible teeth. The treatment for this problem is white porcelain/ceramic crown.

People with gum disease (swollen gums, loose roots). The treatment for this problem is gum treatment followed by white porcelain crowns.

Teeth whitening Turkey

Teeth whitening Turkey: how?

Daily brushing with regular toothpaste does not remove unpleasant stains on the teeth because they are embedded in the enamel. You may have tried various teeth whitening products commonly available in grocery stores. These over-the-counter toothpastes, gels, and rinses contain a bleaching agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, in very low concentrations. When you use these products, your teeth may lighten slightly. However, the whitening component of these readily available products is too low in concentration to effectively remove tougher stains.

Professional teeth whitening refers to a procedure that only certified dentists are allowed to perform to remove difficult stains on teeth. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you can enjoy long-lasting, more effective results with professional teeth whitening. Privilège Santé dentists in Turkey offer laser teeth whitening, one of the quickest and most effective whitening procedures available. You can get the procedure done in just one visit and notice visible changes soon after.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Among the advantages of this intervention, we cite:

Teeth whitening prices in Turkey: All-inclusive stay

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