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Dental Veneers Turkey: Improve the shape, size and color of your teeth

When patients want a total smile makeover or restoration, Dental Veneers Turkey are one of the best dental aesthetic options available. A dental veneer is a thin shell made of a synthetic material (composite resin or porcelain/ceramic) and shaped like the front of a tooth. This coating can be placed on the patient's tooth to hide discoloration, worn teeth, gaps and similar problems.

These shells are strictly aesthetic. As such, they cannot improve function, be used as a form of dental treatment, or replace a dental implant, crowns, etc. Instead, this purely cosmetic technique is simply about improving your smile. Privilège Santé offers the installation of dental veneers in Turkey of high quality and at reduced prices.

Dental veneers Turkey

Dental veneers tailor-made for you

The reasons why we request the installation of porcelain veneers, composite veneers or resin veneers:

Who can benefit from dental veneers?

A set of veneers can make all the difference to a patient's mouth and smile. This is why they are commonly used in a smile makeover. Dental treatment masks discoloration, chips in tooth enamel, gaps, etc. So, if you are looking for a shiny and perfect Hollywood smile, these cases are your best option.

As mentioned, however, veneers are not a good solution for all your dental problems. If patients are experiencing overly misshapen/very misaligned teeth, severe damage, deep decay, or teeth grinding, other treatments will be necessary. Here, dental implants, crowns, will make more sense. Not sure what you need? Contact Privilège Santé and send us your dental photos and perhaps an x-ray. We will consult our cosmetic dentists in Türkiye and get back to you with their recommendations.

Dental veneers Türkiye: What are they made of?

Thanks to modern technology, dental veneers are made from more sophisticated materials than ever before. Porcelain continues to be the most popular material for veneers because its appearance and finish are very similar to natural enamel. Porcelain veneers are also called laminate veneers. However, there is a difference between regular dental veneers and laminate veneers. The main difference is that laminate veneers are much thinner - around 0.5mm to 1.2mm thick. Despite this, laminate veneers are known for their toughness. At Privilège Santé, we offer patients premium brands such as E.Max that use unique materials and offer more durable veneers.

Consult Privilège Santé to get an idea of our dental veneers in Turkey and also our reduced rates.

The dental veneer installation procedure

Most patients are curious about this dental veneer procedure. In reality, at Privilège santé dentists, it is a simple process that does not involve any discomfort.

Here are the information, details and terms you need to know for the dental veneer procedure in Turkey:

Putting dental veneers involves four main steps

the process only takes 5 days and requires only 3 consultations.

This is good news for patients who are on short vacation, you can go to the airport and home when you are finished.

Dental veneer installation techniques

According to the initial indications, the dentist has two techniques for installing dental veneers.

Installation of dental veneers by cutting the tooth

The installation of dental veneers is carried out under local anesthesia. The dentist cleans the surface of the tooth and removes a thin layer of enamel to provide sufficient space for the dental veneer.

He then takes an impression of the teeth to create the definitive dental veneers in the laboratory. In the meantime, he installs temporary veneers. Permanent dental veneers are placed within 4 to 5 days. They are made of porcelain or ceramic and are fixed with resin.

Installation of dental veneers without cutting the tooth

If possible, the dentist places the veneers directly, keeping the initial tooth intact. This technique can be used when there are at least 8 veneers to be placed.

The dentist takes the impression of the jaw and a specialized laboratory makes the veneers. Then, the veneers are then glued to the teeth. The veneer completely covers the tooth. You can freely choose the shape and color.

Dental veneer prices Turkey: All-inclusive stay

6 ceramics dental veneersConsult us
Stay 8 à 10 days

Save up to 60%

The quote you receive will be all-inclusive, there will be no hidden costs other than your personal expenses...

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