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The surgical guarantee

Privilege Santé Int. operates with the best surgeons in Tunisia:

Privilege Santé Int will appoint the specialist surgeon best suited to the patient's request.

guaranteeing all safety and hygiene standards

Patient responsibility

To prevent all surgical risks (risk of coagulation, blood sugar, creatinine, etc.), each patient must come with all the results of their requested preoperative blood tests, according to their intervention, which they will have previously carried out in his country.

The patient should follow the post-operative instructions recommended by the surgeon.

Our responsibility

Privilège Santé International is responsible for guaranteeing the coordination and smooth running of each patient's stay, respecting the accommodation conditions, namely the hotel with included services, transport, coordination between all those involved, coordinating transportation schedules, and in general establishing all necessary contacts for scheduling surgeries and other medical procedures. Furthermore, PRIVILEGE SANTE INTERNATIONAL will bring together all the necessary means to ensure the patient has excellent post-operative recovery.

The patient also acknowledges that the doctor assumes total responsibility for the medical part towards the patient and Privilège Santé International.

Like any trip, we advise you to take out travel insurance.


If after your first pre-operative consultation, the surgeon notes that there is a physiological impediment or a high risk, PRIVILEGE SANTE INTERNATIONAL may oppose any surgical intervention, and in this case will only charge the costs of hotel, and the various additional services that the patient will have used.

Any request for modification or cancellation before your arrival must be sent to us by email.

Cosmetic surgery

In case of unsatisfactory result (*):

In the event of an unsatisfactory result, you will need to send us the photos with an evaluation from a specialist in your country (must be registered with the national council of the medical order of the country in which he practices).

If a surgical revision is indicated by the latter, Privilege Sante Int will ensure this re-intervention with the agreement of your attending surgeon and covers all transport and accommodation costs necessary for the recovery (excluding flight), after sending the report of its findings.

Our warranty does not apply under the following conditions:

In the event of a dispute:

The medical care you will receive during your trip is entirely and solely the responsibility of your attending physician and/or the clinic who are subject to an insurance policy with an approved company. Therefore, any post-surgical dispute must be established with the treating surgeon and his insurance company. Privilege Santé Int is in no way involved in any pre- or post-surgical dispute. Any dispute relating to your medical care will fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Tunisian courts.

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