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The process of selecting a particular surgeon in Tunisia or Turkey can be intimidating, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the field and unfamiliar with the countries. From finding the best surgeons to understanding qualifications and credentials to understanding the different types of surgeries available, the journey to finding the right plastic surgeon can be overwhelming.

At Privilège Santé International, we understand the importance of the choice of surgeons for our patients and we strive to create an atmosphere in which you feel safe, comfortable and well cared for, by offering you treat and operate by the best specialist doctors and surgeons in Tunisia or Turkey.

We'll explore the important factors to consider when choosing a surgeon to help you make an informed decision about your medical needs.

Our surgeons are dedicated to educating you about our procedures, their benefits and risks so that you are well informed and prepared to undergo plastic surgery or bariatric surgery.

A thorough examination and consultation will help you and your surgeon make decisions about your treatment and understand realistic expectations for your results. We welcome any questions you may have about our practice or the particular interventions we perform in Tunisia and Turkey, and invite you to contact us if necessary.

Dr Aziz Sumer Turkey

Prof. Dr.Aziz SUMER

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Dr hamdi Abdelaziz Tunisia

Prof. Dr.Abdelaziz HAMDI

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Dr Essia Romdhane Tunisia


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