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Neck lift Tunisia: What is it?

The neck lift Tunisia is a procedure that falls under facial cosmetic surgery. It is aimed at people who have sagging and sagging skin in the neck, lower facial muscles and sagging of the chin (double chin).

This procedure is often combined with neck liposuction to remove fat from the cervical region

The objective of the neck lift is to tighten the excess skin and the muscles present on this part in order to rejuvenate the general appearance of the neck.

Neck lift Tunisia

Neck Lift: Procedure

The plastic surgeon makes an incision around the ear, peels off the skin to tighten it. If the neck has a fatty mass, liposuction of the double chin is then carried out to suck out the excess fat. For a better result, an incision in the lower part of the chin may be made. The goal is to correct the lower muscles and tighten the skin in this area. After the procedure, a bandage is placed around your head and down to your neck. The practicing surgeon will remove it the day after the operation.

Operative follow-up and results

In the days following the operation, swelling accompanied by slight bruising may appear and will gradually subside from the second week after the operation. One of the advantages of this operation is that there are no visible scars. The incisions will be made behind the ears and will therefore be hidden under the hair. The result is visible as soon as the bandage is removed, that is to say the day after the operation. The neck will regain its final appearance 1 month after the procedure.


Any surgical procedure, no matter how simple, presents risks of complications. However, these complications remain random, not exhaustive and remediable through appropriate medical care:

Duration of the intervention

The average duration of the neck lift procedure varies, depending on the case, between 1h30 and 2h.

Duration of hospitalization, Type of anesthesia

The neck lift in Tunisia requires local anesthesia if it is performed alone. Otherwise, if it is combined with another cosmetic procedure, this will require general anesthesia. The total duration of your hospitalization at the clinic will not exceed 3 days.

Total duration of stay in Tunisia

The neck lift requires a total stay in Tunisia of 7 or 8 days. Its total duration will be determined according to the opinion of the surgeon.

Neck lift price Tunisia: All-inclusive stay

The price of facelift in Tunisia varies depending on the quantity of fat to be sucked and the quality of the skin. Thus, after an initial consultation with the surgeon, you will receive a detailed quote.

neck liftFrom 2000€
Stay 5 nights / 5 days

Neck lift in summary

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of the intervention: 1h30 to 2h
  • Recovery: 10 to 15 days
  • Final result: 1 month

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