How to proceed ? Your medical stay in Tunisia in 7 steps

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Steps to complete your medical stay in Tunisia

1st step: Sending your medical file

You fill out and send us your medical file with as much detail as possible on your medical history, on the intervention you desire, attaching photos of the areas concerned, especially if it is cosmetic surgery. .

Photos are mandatory, they allow the medical team to evaluate your case; the sooner you communicate them to us, the sooner your file will be processed. Photos must be taken from the front and in profile.

2nd step: Response from the medical team

Our medical team studies your file, and you receive a response within 48 hours:

If your file is accepted, this means that our doctors have agreed to operate on you. You will receive the detailed quote mentioning your surgeon, the hotel and the clinic.

If your file is not accepted, this means that the medical team has judged that you cannot have surgery, and we will send you a message with a report of the unfavorable opinion.

3rd step: Preparing your intervention and organizing your trip

Our assistant will communicate to you the list of blood and/or radiological examinations to be carried out. These results must be sent to the medical team before your departure, and will be required on the day of the procedure. Depending on your availability and that of your surgeon, a date for the procedure will be set, as well as the duration of your stay in Tunisia.

You will take your plane ticket according to the planned dates and send us a copy. Your arrival airport should preferably be “Monastir”.

4th step: Your arrival at the airport

When you arrive at the airport, our driver will welcome you and take you to the clinic, our assistant will also be waiting for you, she will carry out your admission to the clinic, and will accompany you to your room, there you will be taken care of by medical staff, and prepared for the procedure.

5th step: Arrival at the clinic

The medical team will check that your file is complete (analyses and medical examinations requested), the surgeon concerned will then come for a pre-operative consultation.

Our assistant will be at your disposal throughout your stay, will guide you and help you in all your procedures.

6th step: intervention

The intervention will take place on the day of arrival or the next day, according to the pre-established program.

Our assistant will be by your side during the procedure and will ensure that you do not miss anything.

7th step: From the days following the intervention, to the day of your departure

On the day you leave the clinic (according to your doctor's recommendation), your assistant will take you back to the hotel. If your procedure requires post-operative care (injections, dressing changes, etc.), a nurse will come to your hotel to carry them out. You will be seen once or twice by your doctor (or more if necessary): once after the procedure, and generally a second time the day before your departure.

All travel is included in your quote. No extra charge will be required. On the day of your departure, our transport team will accompany you to the airport, and will ensure that boarding procedures go smoothly.

Privilège Santé keeps in touch!

Once you return home, our assistant will follow up with you by email and telephone, and will remain attentive to your needs. Your surgeon will of course remain available to you at any time.

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