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Dental implants: What are they?

A dental implant is an artificial root inserted into the jawbone and intended to create a strong and durable anchorage on which the dental surgeon adapts.

Dental Implants Turkey: Technique

The installation of dental implants in Turkey with Privilève Santé International is done under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. A dental implant is an artificial titanium root that is screwed directly into the jawbone. The surgeon makes a small incision in the gum to gain access to the jaw bone with a diameter corresponding to that of the implant.

The dental implant is then screwed into the jaw bone then covered with the gum which is sutured. The dental implant remains buried in the bone for several weeks. Prostheses are then placed on the implants, most often made of pure ceramic.

Dental implants Turkey

How are dental implants placed in Turkey?

Dental implants can be used to either replace a single tooth or restore your entire smile. One of Privilege Santé's dental surgeons in Turkey will first carry out an assessment of your teeth, then we will develop a personalized plan to solve your dental problem. Our dental implants can support up to 28 teeth, with 14 on each jaw.

It is important to understand that dental implants only refer to part of the artificial tooth that will be fixed inside your mouth. The part called an implant looks like a screw fused to your jawbone. Dental implants are made from different types of materials, but the best ones are usually titanium. This metal fuses well with bone and natural tissues.

Titanium is also very durable. We only provide high quality titanium dental implants to our patients.

In addition to the titanium implants, there are two other parts called the abutment and the crown that will be attached. The crown is the porcelain component designed to resemble the white enamel of your natural teeth that protrudes above the gum line. The abutment is a small attachment that connects the implant to the crown.

Dental Implants in Turkey: How long does it take?

Generally speaking, if you are healthy, you can have dental implant surgery in Turkey. Only in very rare cases such as oral cancer, severe diabetes or severe bone loss are some patients discouraged from getting implants. Privilège Santé dentists will first carry out an assessment to ensure that implant surgery is suitable for your current state of health.

Once you are ready to receive implants, treatment only takes two visits. Your dentist will place the dental implant during your first visit. Then, after a mandatory healing period of 3 months, the porcelain crown.

Your stay in Turkey for dental implants

It will be necessary to plan two trips to carry out your dental implants in Turkey. In general, a first trip of 4 days to insert the implants and the second of 8 days, 4 to 6 months later to place the definitive prosthesis on the implant.

Nevertheless, the length of necessary stays may vary depending on the number of implants prescribed and any treatments that may accompany the placement of implants (provisional prosthesis, extraction, devitalization, impression taking, etc.). The duration of stays will be detailed in your quote.

Dental Implants Turkey: Post Intervention

Dental implant prices Turkey: All-inclusive stay

Dental implantConsult us
Stay 8 à 10 days

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