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Temporal lift Tunisia: What is it?

The temporal facelift Tunisia helps improve the signs of aging in the temple region. This region is located between the frontal and cervico-facial regions which can also benefit from a facelift. The temporal lift, which can be performed in isolation, is, in practice, often associated with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

The objective of the temporal lift is to treat the sagging of the lateral part of the eyebrow, to smooth out the crow's feet and to slightly tension the skin of the outer part of the eyelids . Its aim is not to modify the features but to replace the anatomical structures, in particular the tail of the eyebrow, in the position which it had a few years previously.

Temporal lift Tunisia

Temporal lift: Before the procedure

A usual pre-operative assessment is carried out in accordance with the instructions. No medication containing aspirin should be taken in the 10 days preceding the procedure. Stopping smoking is strongly recommended at least one month before and 15 days after the procedure. Smoking increases the risk of post-operative complications of any surgical procedure. Stopping smoking 6 to 8 weeks before an intervention eliminates this additional risk. Hair will be washed the day before the procedure and makeup will be carefully removed on the day of the procedure. It is essential to fast (do not eat, drink or smoke) 6 hours before the procedure.

Temporal lift: Intervention

Each surgeon adopts his own technique and adapts it to each case to obtain the best results. However, we can remember common basic principles: in the case of an intracapillary scar, the incision of approximately 4 to 6 cm is entirely hidden in the hair a few centimeters behind the hairline and parallel to it.

From the incision, separations are made in very precise anatomical planes, the extent of which depends, among other things, on the tissue laxity of each case. We then proceed to re-tension the tissues. The rise of the tail of the eyebrow and the lifting of the skin are appreciated while taking care to preserve the expression of the face.

The procedure can last between 40 minutes and an hour for both sides.

Temporal lift: After the procedure

The discharge may take place the day after the intervention. The first days, you must rest as much as possible and avoid any violent effort. During these first days, the person undergoing surgery should neither be surprised nor worried:

In the case of intracapillary scars, they are not visible with styled hair. The sutures placed at the level of the scalp are removed on the 8th post-operative day. In the case of pre-hair scars, these are visible but will fade from the 4th post-operative month by the regrowth of hair through them.

Temporal lift Tunisia: Post-operation

Temporal lift price in Tunisia: All-inclusive stay

Temporal liftFrom 2300€
Stay 5 nights / 6 days

Temporal lift in summary

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of the intervention: 1h30
  • Recovery: 10 to 15 days
  • Final result: 3 months

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