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Genioplasty Tunisia: What is it?

The cosmetic chin surgery or genioplasty Tunisia is aimed at all those who suffer from the appearance of their chin. However, we will wait for the complete ossification of the face (from the age of 18) to intervene.

The chin area corresponds to the middle part of the lower jaw or mandible. It is one of the shapes that gives the face, just like the nose or the cheekbones, its expression and its character. Correcting an unsightly or unsuitable chin restores the balance of the profile and the harmony of the face. Ideally, in profile, a vertical line drawn from the most protruding part of the forehead should fall approximately in line with the chin. If the chin is located behind this line, it is said to be receding. If the chin, on the contrary, exceeds this limit, we say that it is protruding.

In the event that a cosmetic chin surgery operation would be more effective accompanied by rhinoplasty, a profiloplasty is performed, combining the two in harmony.

Genioplasty Tunisia

Genioplasty Tunisia: Preparing for the procedure

You will be taken to the clinic the day before the operation, time to settle into your room, shower if necessary, and meet the medical team: your surgeon, the anesthetist, and all paramedical staff. The procedure will take place the following morning.

Genioplasty: Intervention

Genioplasty Tunisia
Chin surgery Tunisia

Genioplasty: After the procedure

After the genioplasty procedure in Tunisia, monitoring takes place first in the recovery room, then in your room. The patient will wear a chin strap for 24 hours following the operation, then a micropore bandage for a week. A liquid or semi-liquid diet will be prescribed for a few days.

Genioplasty: Post-operation

The sutures are made with absorbable sutures in approximately 3 weeks. Antiseptic mouthwashes should be used for the first 8 days. Some swelling and bruising will appear after chin surgery. A feeling of numbness and tension for a few days is completely normal, as is a limitation in opening your mouth. Edema persists for 10 to 20 days after genioplasty or chin surgery.

Genioplasty Prices Tunisia: All-inclusive stay

GenioplastyFrom 1800€
Saty 5 nights / 6 days

Genioplasty in summary

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of the intervention: 1 hour
  • Recovery: 10 to 15 days
  • Final result: 3 months

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